Media Training

Having spent many years interviewing celebrities, I am perfectly placed to tell them how to shine when it comes to dealing with the media!

The phrase ‘media training’ strikes fear into the heart of many a journalist and publicist, as it can conjure up images of stars who have been trained to be boring in interviews and not let slip anything juicy.

However, I take a very different approach. I like to teach my clients how to give a fascinating, funny, and human interview that will get them the most positive press and keep everybody happy from the talent and journalist to the publicists, agents and commissioner / executives.

By the time my clients leave our session, I guarantee they will be 100% confident about how to conduct themselves, without fear of saying something they will regret, while guaranteeing positive headlines.

I am very discreet in this area, and therefore my lips are sealed when it comes to my previous clients: but I can tell you they have included a judge on one of the biggest Saturday night entertainment shows; at least two internationally famous pop groups; a BAFTA-nominated actress; a presenter from an award-winning panel show; a top chef, and many, many newly-famous reality stars. Whether you are brand new to the showbusiness world or just need a little confidence boost, I can help you. I have also media trained TV executives ahead of trade press interviews.

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